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You can carry it around in your pocket and still be able to use the internet.You only need to charge it and it’s good for few hours of use.Zong internet packages come in 24, 50, 100 and 200GB tiers Can we only buy the device and not the sim? What is the different between 4G Wingle and 4G Mi Fi?Zong 4G Mi Fi is a portable device that comes with a battery.As seen in the screenshot above, it is a decent speed especially considering the fact that it is a luxury to have a good broadband internet in Lahore.

Update: Don’t update your carrier settings on Warid.

We also did a Zong 4G Mi Fi video review which you can also checkout to know more about this latest device that’s the talk of the town right now!

There are still questions that people ask and we have compiled a list of them for easy access. Check the coverage map for 3G/4G on Zong’s official website and see if your area is covered. If the signals in your area for 4G are weak and you haven’t turned off LTE option, Zong Mi Fi would repeatedly switch between 3G and 4G networks. Ideally, stay on the network that works best for you. If you are using the device heavily, with several devices connected and even using some networking facilities such as network gaming or heavy file transfer, the battery will get drained fast.

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New Tips And Tricks, Call Blocking, Balance Check, Balance Share, Sim Owner Information, Number Information, Balance Share, Caller Tunes And More Short Codes Of Zong Mobile Cellular Pakistan.

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