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Donahue has been given the highest possible rating both by Martindale-Hubbell and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

He has been certified by the Illinois Supreme Court to act as lead counsel in death penalty cases, and screens other attorneys for certification.Donahue was recognized by his peers as Lawyer of the Year.Donahue was inducted as a laureate of the Illinois Bar Association, joining a very select group of attorneys ever bestowed with this honor.He has been selected to draft legal briefs on behalf of the Illinois State Bar Association in two important cases before the Illinois Supreme Court: People v.In the past several years, in addition to numerous acquittals in drunk-driving cases, he has obtained favorable jury verdicts in several well-publicized sex abuse cases, reckless homicides, and other serious felony cases, including the last known acquittal in Illinois in the defense of attempted murder based upon organic brain syndrome, and an acquittal in a 1st Degree Murder case involving a child victim.

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