Xbox 360 keeps updating games

It's a completely different game - one which is almost identical to Minecraft's previous Pocket Edition for mobiles. Minecraft console developer 4J Studios has, for more than half a decade, built a version of Minecraft which feels great when played with a console controller.

"This is the major reason that keeps me from moving away from Xbox One Edition," one fan wrote.

This week’s slate of new releases for the Play Station 4 and Xbox One serves as an illuminating indicator of the state each console is in.

The PS4 has two new exclusive titles in major series that date back to the Play Station 2 days: , a satisfying final chapter for a much-loved character. Well, now you can play a bunch more old Xbox 1 — as in the original Xbox — games. While Microsoft is rightly being pilloried for its anemic first-party software efforts, the Xbox One actually now has more to play on it than any other console. Back at E3 2015, Microsoft announced that the Xbox One would get backwards compatibility with select Xbox 360 games.

Knowing your position is a vital part of meeting up with other players, and correctly constructing large building projects.

On console, players have always been able to see their position on an X/Y/Z axis by holding any map item. So, since this new version of Minecraft is based on the Pocket Edition, console players have been left without this option.

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