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Have a talented friend capture your voice and help you create an eye-catching profile.

Excel in Email If you spot a photo on a site of someone appealing, read their profile thoroughly before emailing them.

Failure to spell check can make you look sloppy, lazy or unintelligent, negative attributes that are sure to douse date potential.

Hire Help If you have trouble putting words together, don't let it stop you from building a killer profile.

Emails are another opportunity to communicate your personality, showcase your humor and promote yourself.

If you send emails and don't get a reply, you may need to spice up your material. Always re-read your emails before hitting "send" to avoid embarrassing mistakes in spelling, grammar or commentary.

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Profiles should sound confident and upbeat without sounding phony.

Flirt First When done correctly, online flirting can be alluring and set you apart.

Many online dating services offer a simple way for daters to click and send a flirtatious smile or wink.

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