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" Not acknowledging that it's their own party that wants these social programs abolished.[quote]No one should go without health insurance. a SAG policy) lapse or by not getting on her husband's policy. Fine but does she not take any responsibility for her part in letting her SAG insurance "lapse"?That said, I am glad Obama Care is nixing the whole pre=existing conditions thing. She's informing people that don't have the $ that Obama Care is the way to go. I mean, isn't she living in a million dollar home now? Maybe she personally went broke but she had the mansion and her HUSBAND's money.What happens if you need to go back into the hospital during that year?This is what baffles me to no end, the willful ignorance of these Re Thug voters.Is there really any honest justification for health company CEOs, who make anywhere from 10 to 30 million and up a year, to deny their high premium paying customers/patients tests or control how many times a year patients can see their doctors?I remember when my sister, who was paying 100% out of pocket at the time for her health insurance (now she is married and on her husband's coverage because her insurance through her job wasn't very good), was nearly denied a diagnostic test because her former gyno told her, "Do you realize what an expensive test that is? My sister couldn't believe what she was hearing, she went ballistic, she explained that she knew her symptoms were not normal and that her monthly premium more than covered the cost of the test!It will benefit everyone, even people who are already privileged."I'm not saying the republicans have the right approach.

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She couldn't get ANY insurance because of a pre-existing condition afer that. Her business folks, agents, husband, and other relatives in show business should have made sure she knew this. That said, I am glad Obama Care is nixing the whole pre=existing conditions thing.[quote] Re Thugs are so batshit crazy and just plain evil, these bastards simply don't see that being denied health insurance as a VERY BIG problem.I watched this and I agree that her situation is very sad. However, that said, she admitted that she let her insurance "lapse" when she wasn't working and was raising her children. Until it happens to them, then they go even more batshit -- and blame it on Obama.Look what happened when Obama threatened to delay SS checks a while back. He's trying to take my grandma's Social Security!!! She made a terrible error by letting her policy (prob.I'm not trying to belittle her situation but it is not even close to people who don't have those kinds of resources.She's living large now, and she never got foreclosed on or sell her house, which is the real reality.[quote]I'm not trying to belittle her situation Yes, you are. That she didn't suffer enough, and she should therefore not be allowed to speak out about inequities in the system that she has experienced firsthand?

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