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Then you take her to your favorite midnight waffle house. Even though it might take place over a couple of hours, it feels as if she’s been on several “mini-dates” with you, which ultimately serves the same purpose. Just be polite and talk to her like you would another guy. Use any patterns that imply getting comfortable with somebody.

To get her to feel more familiar with you in a shorter time period than she normally would. You don’t need to use any sexual language or innuendo. Just use some patterns that create a feeling of emotional comfort. Talk to her like a buddy for another couple of minutes. Get her to wonder if what she thought happened actually happened, or if it was her imagination. You don’t need sexual language or roller coasters or anything like that. After a few minutes of hypnotic language, switch back to regular buddy-buddy talk.

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What might normally take days or even weeks can be accomplished in hours or even minutes. So when we decide to do something, we don’t use logic. The actual idea of fractionation was discovered by a hypnotist, who decided to do some experimenting with his patients’ brains.Talk about the reason why you took her to this new location. As soon as you arrive, keep talking normally, buddy-buddy like. Now is when can talk about relationship experiences (examples below).Just launch into it, and use speak about your buddy’s first girlfriend, or even a movie that you saw.Done correctly it will resonate with your language fractionation.People have been using and teaching fractionation for a while.

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