Were damien rice and lisa hannigan dating

Hannigan went on to have her own career, with critically-acclaimed albums that rival anything Rice has done.In late 2014, Rice finally came out with his third album, My Favorite Faded Fantasy.From the very first strains of ‘Delicate’, off his first album O, Rice wears his emotions on his sleeve, singing as if pained, as if all the hurt in the world lays on his shoulders and all he can do is give it voice.This is a kind of melancholy that is pervasive, that sieves off of the album in waves, pulling you under with its riptide.We all know what Damien Rice means when he sings, “Still a little bit of your song in my ear/Still a little bit of your words I long to hear.” When Rice sings, when Lisa Hannigan joins him for a duet, when the strings soar behind him as they often do, there is a longing that suffuses the air, as if his sentiments are sloughing off the speakers.I would never have imagined Damien Rice would come to perform in Nepal, but when I heard he would be playing at the Patan Museum, I thought there was no venue more suited to his particularities than this.

Rice’s albums run the gamut of emotions, from love and loss to desire and loneliness, regret and quiet intimacy.But there is something comforting in them, as if the music itself were a cocoon, enveloping you, entombing you. This is the kind of music that is meant to be listened to after heartbreak but it is also the kind of music that will break your heart.But there is something comforting in them, as if the music itself were a cocoon, enveloping you, entombing you.His second album, 9, was released to mixed reviews and Rice himself has said that he would’ve taken half of the songs off it if he could do it again.After 9, Rice went on a hiatus of nearly a decade, disappearing from public view.

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