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Alex Berman runs an agency called X27 (experiment 27) that specializes in teaching brands how to sell to billion dollar companies.In this interview Alex teaches some of his B2B sales techniques and how you can learn to get better results from your cold calling and cold emailing.In a short period of time Tiago has been able to bring multiple innovations to the field or productivity and knowledge management. His flagship online course, Building a Second Brain, teaches creative professionals to organize their thoughts so they can increase their output.Tiago believes that everyone should be able to systematize creativity and creative output.Tiago is a personal and professional organizational coach and consultant.His clientele includes multiple fortune 500 companies.After that Google Cloud platform is probably a good bet and maybe java depending on the tech stack and company you are trying to work with.Ethan also mentions that some data science teams use R for their analysis so it can be beneficial to know that.

If all those people with all those great ideas could just get organized, the world would be an even better place.

If you haven't already, check out Alex Berman's You Tube channel where he shares all of his best strategies.

Finally, make sure to comment on the video letting me know what you think of Alex's tips.

In this role, Ethan was basically functioning as a product manager.

Ethan was managing engineers and competing priorities for all the stakeholders in this project.

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