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A vessel will never have out-of-date charts, or weather and piracy overlays, ever again.If you want to find out more about i ECDIS and Martek Marine’s 4G mobile upload antennae, do not hesitate to contact us by emailing [email protected] calling 44 (0)1709 599 222 and we can provide a quote or explain more about Martek’s flexible payment options. In addition to all the mandatory hard- and software functionalities and features the ECDIS-4000 certificate also covers a number of unique features such as: – ECDIS Security Internet Gate (ESIG) allowing the ECDIS to be connected to internet for both online ordering and download of charts from PRIMAR.– Control Unit for remote quick, safe and easy selection of navigation functions – A special Night Presentation developed in close collaboration with Norwegian High Speed Craft operators.

ECDIS displays are on course for a 2018 completion of standardised symbols for consistency and easy cross-vessel use (with no need for vessel-specific crew training).Certainly, this was the case for the Hamburg in May 2015, and is a prime example of why standardised ECDIS is so important across all vessels.A non-standard ECDIS runs the risk of misinterpretation or even abuse of important functions like alarm systems – particularly on ECDIS set-ups which have many different alarms that then become easy to ignore.Ship operators face fines and detention if their ECDIS systems are not sufficiently installed or crew properly trained. It’s easy to see why an ECDIS system becomes out-of-date.Charts take forever to upload from old systems, and some forms of upload have even been removed from the latest legislation to reflect common problems with USB uploads corrupting entire ECDIS systems.

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