Updating directx 9 0c

Stack Exchange network consists of 175 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. You can download the "Direct X end user runtimes" from Microsofts website.

The exact version depends on the file which is required by your application, in my case it was directx_mar2009_

url=/windows/directx/downloads/When I install directx 9.0b from windows update site seems to install properly. I paid 300 randfor the game and ive tried to install from the internet and i get the same problem help please Hi all ! 1st - uninstall ur current directx 9.0x by unsing Directx Eradicator. 3rd - make sure that u have directx 9.0 and directx 9.0c setup files. : ) I have the same problem with direct x 9.0 c, I've got version b, and when I want to install sims 2, it asks me about installing direct x 9.0c, I click "yes" but the installation aborts and this error message comes: a cabinet file necessary for installation cannot be trusted What is the problem? Tried so many ways to install that thing from microsoft and the sims disc but no luck. *Curls up into a ball and shakes* Im slowly fading away with having the sims 2 and not playing it... the purchase code is PV-T98L-QYH7 (on the website the last 4 digits say NA). its really funny somebody says how to fix the problem then 2 posts l8tr u get another idiot asking the same question heh....up on sim and play connect the dots or something already ...

I don`t receive any kind of failure/problem message. When I reboot and go to windpows update, the file is still listed as need to be installed. thanks "SOS Same Old S**T, XP SP2 Directx Uninstall using Directx Eradicator, works very well, sets things back to Directx 8.1 with the XP OS Installation CD. Anti Virus and Firewall Disabled , Installation Completes, Components are ready, Version 9.0c doesn't show up anywhere. But when I click to the icon of the sims 2 it say are you sure that you are istall Direct X9.0I can't play game. replace 2 files : "dsetup32.dll" & "DSETUP.dll" of directx 9.0c setup files by two samename files of directx 9.0 (overwrite them) 4th - Run setup directx 9.0c now , i can play "The SIms 2" by that way . Guys i was so excited when i went and bought my copy of the sims2. It shows that its been installed but when i check i still have 9.0b.. Tried so many ways to install that thing from microsoft and the sims disc but no luck. : P Iv just bought Sims 2, I am having the same problem as everone else i have directx 9.0b but it wont let me download 9.0c, i have tried so many differnt things to solve it but I cant!! when i install directx 9.0c , i got message said "the components installed are now ready for use" but when i check em on it still directx 9.0b. Anyway, the point is that now I am SO CONFUSED b/c I dont even know what kind of card I have or if it works w/ the Sims and it still gives me that popup when I try to start the game that says it cannot find a compatible card for direct X9.0, I have that, and also on dxdiag it says that i need to upgrade my card (which I have done over and over again) because it will not run direct3D. If anyone knows anything (about what to do or the videocard) please let me know. I have installed the Sims 2 and everything, but then when i was done installing and ready to play it said: Failed to initialize Direct3D. I've tried going on the internet and downloading Direct X 9.0c, but it doesn't do anything, I just get the error message again! While I can't vouch for any results, I've had good success with "Direct X Buster", from the following: ( Plece help me Hi, i installed wixp sp2,all of normal. oh if somebody can find to uninstall directx9 can you please email me @ I'm trying to play an older game that uses Direct X 6.1 but my computer says i have version 5 i think. hey i just bought sims 2 i know lots of people have been having troubles, i just wanted to know if anyone worked out how to fix it i really need to uninstall direct x 9.0b plz plz help me tonight.

Direct X 9 has a habit of not installing correctly if you have Anti-Virus Runnig, or if you are doing the install with the online installer on a dial up connection.

When I run dxwebsetup I get a message unable to load xactengine3_0 Have you run a registry cleaner recently or manually removed any Direct X entries from the registry?

This is the error message--------------------[11/30/11 ] module: dxupdate(Nov 19 2010), file: dxupdate.cpp, line: 2234, function: Register DLL Failed API: Load Library Ex() Error: (0xc000001d) Unable to load C:\WINDOWS\system32\xactengine3_0--------------------[11/30/11 ] module: dxupdate(Nov 19 2010), file: dxupdate.cpp, line: 5861, function: Direct XUpdate Install Plug In Register Dll From Section() failed.--------------------[11/30/11 ] module: dsetup32(Mar 30 2011), file: dxupdate.cpp, line: 280, function: CSetup:: Install Plug In Direct XUpdate Install Plug In() failed.--------------------[11/30/11 ] module: dsetup32(Mar 30 2011), file: setup.cpp, line: 1727, function: CSetup:: Setup For Direct X Install Plug In() failed. What version of Direct X are you trying to install? Was there another version of Direct X on the computer before? Direct X the version is the value of "4." and the Installed Version is "0000000900000000"Do not do this if you do not have Direct X 9.0.

The list below shows the available Dirext X-9 versions, the version can be found at the third column.

This gives you a clue of what to search for, the keywords Feb2005_d3dx9_24_x86Feb2005_d3dx9_24_x64Apr2005_d3dx9_25_x64Apr2005_d3dx9_25_x86Jun2005_d3dx9_26_x64Jun2005_d3dx9_26_x86Aug2005_d3dx9_27_x64Aug2005_d3dx9_27_x86Dec2005_d3dx9_28_x64Dec2005_d3dx9_28_x86Feb2006_d3dx9_29_x86Feb2006_d3dx9_29_x64Apr2006_d3dx9_30_x64Apr2006_d3dx9_30_x86OCT2006_d3dx9_31_x64OCT2006_d3dx9_31_x86DEC2006_d3dx9_32_x86DEC2006_d3dx9_32_x64APR2007_d3dx9_33_x64APR2007_d3dx9_33_x86JUN2007_d3dx9_34_x86JUN2007_d3dx9_34_x64AUG2007_d3dx9_35_x86AUG2007_d3dx9_35_x64Nov2007_d3dx9_36_x86Nov2007_d3dx9_36_x64Mar2008_d3dx9_37_x64Mar2008_d3dx9_37_x86JUN2008_d3dx9_38_x86JUN2008_d3dx9_38_x64Aug2008_d3dx9_39_x64Aug2008_d3dx9_39_x86Nov2008_d3dx9_40_x86Nov2008_d3dx9_40_x64Mar2009_d3dx9_41_x64Mar2009_d3dx9_41_x86Aug2009_d3dx9_42_x86Aug2009_d3dx9_42_x64Jun2010_d3dx9_43_x64Jun2010_d3dx9_43_x86The Direct X built into Windows 10 is compatible with Direct X 9, 10 and 11.

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