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To make matters worse that buggy F6 bios also has the latest Intel OROM we need in it. Technical Discussion Agi 3 Write speeds slowed after bios flash (

92080-Agi-3-Write-speeds-slowed-after-bios-flash) Fix F6 bios for z68a-d3-b3 ( General Discussion Vertex3/Agility3/Solid3/Revo3 Firmware ver 2.11 is live, discuss it here. 91864-Vertex3-Agility3-Solid3-Revo3-Firmware-ver-2.11-is-live-discuss-it-here.&p=662938&viewfull=1#post662938) I'm hoping there is a beta of some sort.

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do this very gently and scan around your Play Station for anything blocking the board from coming out!

Now turn your PS3 on its back again, you will see a warranty sticker on the front and a bunch of screw covers…

pry the warranty sticker off there is another cap under there.

There will be a screw under each cable holding the power supply in place. It may take some force but eventually, after some wiggling, the power brick should come out.

Now to remove the Blu-ray Player, There will be a black screw behind the drive, unscrew this, disconnect all the ribbon cables… Be careful when pulling out the Blue-ray player, there still is a ribbon on the underside of the player!

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