Trust device for consolidating industry

In some instances, this may also mean making decisions about who you will and (more critically) will not sell products to, if you can’t be certain that their use will fall outside your own ethical boundaries.

Technology has brought enormous benefits to society and continues to do so.

It’s been impossible to ignore the heightened focus on privacy over the past 12-months, particularly in relation to personal data.

What has also been striking is how the cultural and geographical differences in attitudes and approach have been highlighted, both positively and negatively.

The fact is that incredibly well-funded, skilled and organized cybercriminals are innovating at a pace that is difficult to keep up with (unencumbered as they are by any national or regional regulation).

In addition, there is increasing evidence that nation states are undertaking sophisticated cyberattacks against other states, commercial and public organizations and critical infrastructure.

Certainly, here at Axis, we still fundamentally believe that our vision for a smarter and safer world will be delivered through more advanced technology.

But with greater innovation and progress – and particularly in areas such as artificial intelligence and machine learning – the ethical questions will increase significantly.

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The extraordinary growth in consumer technology in the past two decades has had an impact in expectations of business technology.

A state-sponsored surveillance program such as PRISM – which allows the United States National Security Agency to access personal online data from internet companies when a court allows – would likely cause uproar if implemented in Europe.

In many ways, the different approaches simply point to different priorities: put simply, the US prioritizes the protection of the state, while in Europe the protection of the individual is paramount.

And with worrying evidence that in some countries products have been compromised at the manufacturing stage, having total confidence in the provenance of any products you are connecting to your own systems is essential.

It certainly feels as though we are moving towards a world where increased state-sponsored surveillance is being attempted (and achieved) in more areas and countries than ever before.

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