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He was frustrated by his lack of play, and at one point, considered transferring back to California.

However, Brady stuck it out, and in 1998, his junior year, he earned the starting quarterback position.

Many of the players, like Brady, are MVPs, but not all.

As Disney senior vice president of marketing Ken Potrock explained on PR Newswire, "We select players based on success in the field and a Cinderella-type story." Brady definitely fit the bill.

After greeting a share of their cheering followers and giving a hug to both Mickey and Minnie Mouse, they proceeded to parade down Main Street USA, leading a chant to the count of six in celebration of our six Super Bowl victories.

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When not going to football games, or watching football on television, Brady was playing football. Gregory's elementary school in San Mateo (where he was an altar boy), he played flag football and touch football at recess and after school. In February of 2004, just hours after leading the New England Patriots to their second Super Bowl victory, quarterback Tom Brady was whisked away to join a whirlwind of celebrations. As he told millions of fans who were watching their television screens, "I'm going back to Disney World." Brady joined a long line of athletes who have been featured in one of television's most famous advertising campaigns.

In the ad, immediately following the game, a narrator asks, "You've just won the Super Bowl! " The player responds, "I'm going to Disney World!

" The first ad, which aired in 1987, focused on Phil Simms (1955–), quarterback for the New York Giants, winners of Super Bowl XXI. " commercials became so famous that the phrase "I'm going to Disney World" became a part of American pop culture.

Henson was only a freshman, but he had been highly recruited in both football and baseball, and Wolverine coach Lloyd Carr feared that if not played, Henson might leave U of M in favor of a pro baseball career.

Brady worked all the harder and completed the year by throwing the twenty-five-yard pass that brought victory to U of M over the University of Alabama in the 2000 Orange Bowl.

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