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After swiping for a while, my arachnid avatar started to see this in practice on Monster Match.

The characters includes both humanoid and creature monsters—vampires, ghouls, giant insects, demonic octopuses, and so on—but soon, there were no humanoid monsters in the queue.

Ben Berman thinks there's a problem with the way we date.

Not in real life—he's happily engaged, thank you very much—but online.

It’s not uncommon - we’re creatures of habit - but just going through the dating motions can definitely hinder your ability to meet someone fantastic and life-changing.

Which is why it’s important to continuously evaluate and elevate your dating game, even (and I’d argue, especially) when you’re putting yourself out there with all the positivity your mind can muster.

When it comes to real humans on real dating apps, that algorithmic bias is well documented."While Monster Match is just a game, Berman has a few ideas of how to improve the online and app-based dating experience."A reset button that erases history with the app would go a long way," he says.Collaborative filtering works to generate recommendations, but those recommendations leave certain users at a disadvantage.Beyond that, Berman says these algorithms simply don't work for most people.

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