Therapist dating former patient

They were surprised at the number of participants in their samples who had engaged in sex with therapists.

The extensive data that Masters and Johnson collected on each participant allowed them to compare the consequences of sex with a therapist to the consequences of other events such as consensual sexual relationships with a spouse or life-partner, consensual sex occurring outside long-term relationships, and various forms of rape, incest, and abuse.

About 5% of these patients were minors at the time of the sexual involvement with the therapist. The three studies mentioned above represent only a few of the diverse sampling procedures used to study the harm that can result from therapist-patient sex.

Diverse studies have gathered samples of patients who never again sought mental health services as well as those who later entered into therapy again with a new therapist.

A relatively small minority of therapists take advantage of the client's trust and vulnerability and of the power inherent in the therapist's role by sexually exploiting the client.

Each state has prohibited this abuse of trust, vulnerability, and power through licensing regulations.

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Every state in the United States has recognized the special nature of the therapeutic relationship and the special responsibilities that therapists have in relation to their clients by requiring special training and licensure for therapists, and by recognizing a therapist-patient privilege which safeguards the privacy of what patients talk about to their therapist.

When people are hurting, unhappy, frightened, or confused, they may seek help from a therapist.

They may be depressed, perhaps thinking of killing themselves.

C., prohibits sex with patients as does the code of the Nigerian Healing Arts, which was created prior to the life of Hippocrates.

Freud, a pioneer of the "talking cure," emphasized the prohibition in his writings.

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