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Here's a list of the best catchphrases to come from game shows old and new: Whether it was Johnny Olson, Rod Roddy, Rich Fields, or George Gray shouting these words, anyone hearing them would know that ​"The Price Is Right" was underway.

It's only fitting that our favorite game-show catchphrase should come from the longest-running game show in North America.

​"Deal or No Deal" was a huge sensation in prime time and Howie Mandel's question at the end of each round has become one of the most popular catchphrases in memory. This one, though, leaves no question as to its origin, and anyone using it is likely also visualizing the game board. Stop by trivia night at your local pub and find out for yourself how often this phrase gets thrown around.

Even though the show is no longer running, you'll still hear people asking, "Deal, or no deal? Whether or not you recall the game show "To Tell the Truth," you've probably heard this catchphrase.

Alley was such a natural on camera that she was even asked to come back for several more episodes—but that’s hardly a surprise, given her profession now.

describing himself as a drama major, a major baseball fan, and a (hopefully) soon-to-be millionaire.

(We’d wager his at-the-time dashing looks didn’t hurt, either.) giving himself the nickname “Mean” Mc Lean.

It's been dying out somewhat as new phrases take its place, but it's still a classic, and it's just as relevant years later as it was when it was current.

Many of the celebrities of tomorrow could be hiding somewhere among the game show contestants of today.

Created by Chuck Barris, each episode of the series features a bachelorette/bachelor who questions three bachelors/bachelorettes that are hidden from their view.

Questions range from a variety of topics like, “If we were to be married, what type of unusual wedding would you dream up?

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