Tenchi muyo dating sim

- increases passion by 20 - required for Anze to appear Red Bracelet (10000 yen) - appears only in AUGUST.

- does not appear to do anything immediately - increases luck. Golden Frog (20000 yen) - appears only in SEPTEMBER. Fortune Teller ================= The 9 subjects that the fortune teller will talk to you about are: "You may find luck if you get bad test results on purpose... :) July 27 * swimming contest * opportunity to compliment Chiemi (say that she has a great body) - Miyuki gets ill (if impressed before else not present) * save Arisa at sea (no choice) July 28 - run into Arisa at beach if doing SPORTS at any time of day (up August 3) - run into Miyuki in front of park during daytime or evening (NOT night) (up to August 22 (Aug 8)) - Yumi visits you in your flat if you're studying (during the daytime) (up to August 23) July 29 - run into Mayumi in the back streets (hotel) if you chose PLEASURE at night (up to August 15).

Note that this information was mainly ripped from the game and later tested. Previous revision uploaded late evening April 2, 2000 (first update of the year! Current revision uploaded late evening March 16, 2001 (first update of the year! Mayumi Kamijo * * one of the tougher characters to get in the game. * July 6: if doing FASHION at NIGHT, run in with Mayumi at the train station at night (almost mistake her for a hooker) * July 14 to July 16: it's raining. * [Chiemi.point difference if you say "masc" or "fem" during encounter in park. * you have to get ALL of Mayumi's plot, plus: * maintain a high scholarship * September 13 to September 18: PLEASURE at night. Anze * not too complicated to get but somewhat elusive.

However, due to complexity, it's extremely difficult to test every single possibility (hence, the high replay value). Turn down Mikae's offer to share her umbrella and Mayumi'll turn up and walk home with you. At the swim meet, no point diff between 'great body' or 'nice suit', although her reaction to nice suit is better. Tell her that you like her and that your opinion of her won't change if she were Sonoko Takahashi. She'll be drunk and take you back to her place after you get hurt. * to have her come back, you have to have HIGH passion (I usually kept it from 90-99.

* July 29 to August 15: choose PLEASURE or FASHION at night to run into Mayumi in the back streets (hotel). I had to double FASHION just to get it, and I can't always get it. * August 31: run in with Mayumi about her sold clothes if you got her underwear. --Onieros] * July 13 : run into Chiemi at central park if you do SPORTS during daytime. * September 4: Choose to help Remi with the festival. * September 17 to September 19: Ryoko and her brother will be talking. * July 28 to August 3: run into Arisa at beach if doing SPORTS at any time of day * August 1 to August 8: choose PLEASURE during the evening to pick up an envelope (from God of Luck) at train station. * August 1 to August 5: Anze-neko (neko = cat) shows up if you do SHOPPING during the evening and if you have the wings of an angel (up August 5). * August 10: Anze'll transform if you do FASHION during the evening and if you've taken in the kitten that showed up. If you don't remember her, then your passion wasn't high enough. Character Type ================= All types have the following max stats: Passion 99 Appearance 160 Scholarship 160 Physical Strength 160 Art 160 Normal: - different characteristics are about equal Intellectual: - difficult to maintain a high art level?

* August 16 to August 29: choose FASHION at evening? Give it back and she'll set up a date on September 7th. * July 25 to August 15: run into Chiemi during daytime in central park * July 27: opportunity to compliment Chiemi. * August 1 to August 15: run in with Chiemi in central park if you do SPORTS during the daytime (catapiller? * July 2 to July 20: choose PLEASURE at night to run into Misako at the park. If it's the second time you run into Misako, she'll take you to a bar. Kameo will drop a box on your foot and you'll need to see Misako. You have to get ALL of these events or it WON'T work (I lucked out the first time, then had TONS of trouble trying to get it the next time). ) is high enough if you're out doing art, you'll see run into Ryoko's brother in the backstreets and Akane'll think he's a porn movie producer. You'll think he's trying to convince her into doing a porn movie. * September 18 to September 20: The next day she won't be in class. - easier to get scholarship Sportsman: - difficult to maintain a good appearance - easier to get physical strength Playboy: - difficult to maintain a high physical strength - easier to get appearance 7.

* IMPORTANT: if your grades are too high, Remi'll also ask you for a date.

- if you do SPORTS during the evening, Kazuhiko harasses you (if you've been dating Arisa? - Mayumi possibly selling her used clothes in back street (if you chose PLEASURE or FASHION during evening) (up to August 29) August 17 - date with Remi (at library) during daytime.

* keep all your promises (okay, you might be able to get away with missing one or two, but not the last one) * be nice to her and always try to go home with her * July 9: chance to go home with Mikae after school. * July 14 to July 16: it'll be raining after school. * August 3 to August 14: run in with Mikae in front of flat during daytime if you chose PLEASURE any time of day. * August 15: date with Mikae during daytime (DON'T FORGET, could still get, but why chance it? * August 26: Toshio trying to pick up Mikae at school.

Mikae Morikawa * one of the more straight-forward characters, extremely easy to get.

just that it may be more easy or difficult to get that particular character, since the amount of attributes you get in each mode differs with the mode. General ========== * the girl(s) you lay during the game will be the ones which you can successfully choose at the end (except Anze if your passion isn't high enough and Yumi if you didn't keep your scholarship up? Miyuki Tanaka -} Art (do lots of ART LEARNING) Mayumi Kamijo -} Appearance (do lots of FASHION) Chiemi Fujimoto -} Physical Strength (do lots of SPORTS) Misako Sayama -} no stat requirement (do lots of PLEASURE) Ryoko Shimazaki -} no stat requirement (you need lots of key events, though) Arisa Miyoshi -} no stat requirement (do lots of PLEASURE) Yumi Matsumiya -} save Mayumi from Mikisaki AND Scholarship (do lots of STUDY) Anze -} Passion 5.

Tidbits 13.5 Making A Difference 0.5 Quick Questions FAQ ======================= * you CAN'T get Akane (the girl in front of the hotel) * you CAN'T walk around the festival with anyone else but Mikae * ALL characters appear to be available in ALL modes...

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