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This is Erin.” Fiona presented a woman who was a little taller than Alicea and who smiled warmly as she shook Alicea’s hand. All of it.” Alicea hesitated before saying, “That doesn’t sound like the Sven I know.” “Doesn’t it?

“Erin was just telling me about her narrow escape from Creepy Sven.” Alicea’s brow furrowed. ” Alicea knew the meeting between Sven and her girlfriends hadn’t gone as well as she had hoped, but she had had no idea of Fiona having anything like this up her sleeve. We get together once a week just to have a couple drinks and catch up, but that’s it.” Erin’s smile was sympathetic. Doesn’t he look heartbroken every time you say you can’t hang out with him? “The truth is I never even wanted to go out with him, but he seemed so nice at first, so we hung out, and then it became obvious that he was super needy and annoying, but I just felt sorry for him.

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