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At that point, I had one or two people working with me.

The first became boring after six or seven years, and we branched out in many other directions in addition to music.

I had looked for two spaces and, even though looking at real estate in 1993 was much easier than it is now, I didn’t find two good spaces.

What I did find was one space on two floors that seemed possible—it was a duplex apartment.

I think that once that is out, we’ll set more regular hours. Not that I need to give you advice— I’ll take it In my case, the strict hours were helpful. From ages 26 to 29, I worked 16 hours a day, including weekends. I knew that if I continued that way, I would not continue to be a designer; I’d be burned out by 35 and have to do something else.

I liked being a designer too much to go down that route.

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