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The Master's in European Studies at Bowling Green State University allows students to prepare for international careers in business, government, journalism, education, research or the nonprofit sector.

The Health Science specialization is designed with course choice options that (with the approval of an academic advisor) allows students to tailor their academic program to best fit their career goals.

The curriculum will fulfill admission requirements to most medical, dental, veterinary, and graduate programs in biological sciences, when courses are properly chosen.

The program will produce graduates ready for the workforce of Tomorrow that are prepared for successful careers in the areas associated with the analysis, applied design, development, implementation, and oversight of advanced manufacturing factories.

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With rapid technological advances in science and the expanding tools in forensic investigation, popularized in CSI-style TV shows, sophisticated and focused training is essential for students interested in forensic science careers.

The Instructional Design and Technology master's program prepares you to take a leadership role in teaching, training and development in virtually any work environment, focusing on leadership potential.

Management and Technology is one of the most flexible and relevant degrees you can achieve to advance your career and obtain a high demand skill set critical in any organization including business, education, military, healthcare and manufacturing.

The Adolescence to Young Adult program provides students with a variety of experiences that will enable them to become effective teachers.

Students complete extensive coursework in specialization areas they plan to teach.

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