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However, with a more cynical train of thought, it could be said that it is in Microsoft’s interests to intentionally hobble the roaming capabilities of Windows 10.

Making it so much more difficult for those using traditional methods or those using third-party vendor tools to successfully roam the user state would mean that Microsoft has an opportunity to fill this gap with a tool of its own creation and fuel its larger goal of widespread cloud adoption.

With all of this in mind, it seems that there are serious bugs in the Windows 10 implementation of roaming profiles that need to be addressed before the product is enterprise-ready.

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When not implementing projects for his company HTG, he can often be found blogging, writing technical articles and speaking at conferences and user groups.It is common in roaming profile environments to remove cached client-side copies of the roaming profiles to avoid filling up local hard drives with multiple user profiles copies – especially in environments where open-access machines are in use.Typically this is done by defining the “Delete cached copies of roaming profiles” GPO and setting it to Enabled.At first logon, most users customize this to their own preferences.However, the data for these Tiles is stored in the %LOCALAPPDATA% folder, meaning that it simply does not exist within a roaming profile.

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