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Nothing too extreme--sparklers, a pack of Roman Candles, a few firecrackers, and some Black Snakes. But first: let's light off a sort of double-ended rocket around 5" in length that would spin around, rise "around five feet" off the ground (according to the girl at the fireworks store) and spew sparks, smoke and noise. Sprinklers aren't as I remembered them--now they're bamboo instead of galvanized wire you'd be sure to either step on in the lawn or burn yourself with afterwards. won't sleep easy tonight, dreaming of a father behind bars.

Smokers Dating Online Smokers Dating Online is an online dating site for smokers who want to meet other singles that also smoke.

We have created a site for like minded people to search for their ideal partner.

Now they are more sort of Rorschach ink blot samples.

Apart from the big spectacular firework shows we'd piled in the car to see on various Fourth of Julys, the dudes have had little experience with fireworks close up and personal. It's our right as Americans, I guess, to just ignore the laws we don't agree with. was a bit concerned about dad ending up in jail for not only torching the neighbor's home, but for violating the anti-fireworks ordinance. His demeanor changed when I broke out a few sparklers.

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