Singapore dating places 2016

Their All-Day Happy Hour offers affordable cocktails like Mojito, Negroni and Margarita ( each).It is an ideal place to experience French dining at extremely worthwhile prices.More fun for your dinner date; you can play Pictionary if you run out of things to Saveur is the latest place to bring your date for that romantic French dining experience.

Besides, with half of its menu below , this restaurant is easily one of our favourites!Already having five branches, PS Cafe continues to create chic, classy cafe settings that are just dreamy to visit.The interior is also intimately lit and guaranteed to stir the romance in the air.If like me, you regularly need a more affordable dining option yet still cosy enough for a romantic date, this guide is for you.Especially as a first date, you definitely don’t want to break the bank, but still want to impress with your knowledge and selection of intimate dining spots.

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