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The widget is usually persistently positioned at the lower corner of a website. Larry Kim, the founder of Mobile Monkey is a three-time winner of the most influential PPC marketer, a number one columnist on Search Engine Land and Search Engine Journal.

He founded Wordstream, grew it to one of the world’s leading search marketing firms, and later sold it for 0m. Some of the world’s leading marketers and publications are active users of WP-Chatbot or its parent company, Mobile Monkey.

When you start using WP-Chatbot, you should have the following: – A Facebook Business Page – Your Facebook Page ID In the setup process, you’ll also need to add your website to the whitelisted pages section within Facebook. For example, you can tell users “Just type STOP at any time to unsubscribe.” If you are using Mobile Monkey, then Mobile Monkey will automatically handle the unsubscribe request by deleting the contact from your database. If you have a Facebook Developer account, you can view WP-Chatbot analytics if desired. In fact, that’s the main reason that most website creators and marketers add the plugin.

If you do not have a Facebook Developer account, you can easily create one. It is a powerful way to grow an active and engaged contact list from your website traffic.

– Seamless integration with other powerful chat bot tools.

WP-Chatbot is fully integrated with the Mobile Monkey chatbot builder.

– Integration with the fastest-growing messaging platform in the world.

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How does the chat process work from a user perspective? They can continue with the chat on the website, or they can use the Facebook Messenger app to continue. WP-Chatbot is owned by Mobile Monkey, a Facebook Messenger marketing app and chatbot builder.Many brands and organizations are reviewing Mobile Monkey, discussing the advantages of Messenger marketing tools like Mobile Monkey, and providing Facebook Messenger Marketing strategies and tactics, fueled by Mobile Monkey chatbots.Here are some of the publications that Mobile Monkey has been seen on. There are thousands of small businesses, entrepreneurs, in-house marketers, and freelancers using WP-Chatbot every day.With a Messenger chatbot, you are securing leads night and day.Ordinary live chat plugins don’t compare with the power and potential of a Facebook Messenger plugin. Because such plugins do not retain the contacts in Facebook Messenger. By using Mobile Monkey, a chatbot builder, you can engage with the user long after their first interaction.

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