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26, 1866–after the main promise of the Mattole oil boom had failed, but yet before a good portion of Scott’s land acquisition. He’s working from the late-1960s USGS topo maps, focusing on the townships at the Township 3 South latitude.The Power of Attorney contract was recorded in Humboldt County at the request of Samuel L. It’s interesting that one of the witnesses to this agreement was William V. 1 (December, 2010; #33): First Accounts of White Settlers; Becky Enberg on Petrolia Store in ’40s; Patty Langer on Rock House in ’50s. That is, the 6-mile-by-6-mile “townships” of 36 sections (each one square mile) lying roughly in a west-to-east belt inland of King’s Peak and on toward Gilham Butte, Elk Ridge, and Salmon Creek, which is part of the South Fork Eel watershed. If adopted, even as a temporary expedient, it seems to me it would be fraught with many evils in opening the door to speculation and irregularities, by creating a sort of Indian pre-emption float, liable to pass, indirectly if not directly, into other hands–leading to disputes in ownership, and liable to conflicts with settlers.” Hendricks therefore proposes a more isolated process between the Indian agent and his particular assigned purview of Natives and half-breeds, which would then be approved by the Indian bureau, without intervention from outsiders. 303) is the response of Charles Gilman, a register of the Land Office of St. (Two different death records exist; one claims her cause of death as typhoid fever, and the other says premature birth, which is scratched out and replaced by “Abortion.”) Josephine still carried the surname Chapman, so I doubt she was a connection to Gurnee. Chapman’s brother being a Humboldt County Surveyor, it’s possible–he had many brothers and I haven’t tracked down the locations and occupations of each. Johnson who purchased land with Scott, and whom Henderson mentions. There were dozens of John Johnsons in the man’s likely age range in San Francisco in the 1860s, so it’s hard to pin him down. Crowell; and the Report of the Commission appointed July 15, 1872, composed of Thomas C. “There is no provision whatever in the treaty for the issuing of and, in my judgment, there is no law for it. 3 (Winter, 2016-17; #39): Francis Cook; 1890 letter re: visit to Mattole; Honeydew Bridge meeting. Elizabeth’s sister Mary Ellen married John Elliott Mason, and Josephine Lucelia died at the age of 18. I can’t see that this family was related to our William Smith Chapman family, though it could be. But I would like to call the attention of capitalists and enterprising businessmen to the fact that we have large and extensive oils springs in our valley.” I am pretty convinced this Johnson is the John F.

As early as 1856, concerned public servants had fretted about the potential for abuse of the scrip. Hendricks, Commissioner at the General Land Office, wrote ( p. 4 (Spring, 2017; #40): Mattole Lumber Co.; list of Mattole deaths since mid-2003; Mattole Hole microclimate, by Ken Young. However, my research on so far does not bear out these kinship claims. ) of 1S, 3W Johnson purchase.” Who is this Johnson? A gentleman named Johnson, who is versed in such matters, has been looking at the springs and making enquiries.

Scott, backer and investor with the moneybags, and the landless, cash-poor half-breeds of the upper Plains; Bard could do the same, but spent most of his time turning his own oil wells into one of the world’s largest energy corporations to this day, Union Oil Company of California. Bob has already identified 120 places for which he has notes, and figures he’s about 80 percent through looking for them.

Bard was the first president at the formation of Unocal in 1890, due largely to the fact that he owned two of the three oil companies that merged to form the new entity. well, no need to inform you of the vast wealth, and therefore power, of such an oil company. 2 (Summer, 2008; #30): Ray Azevedo interview; Don Etter, Man on the Move (by Brian Doyle). Basically, he’s interested if there’s any history to a place from before 1980, and says that many of the old structures dated from the 1860s.

That’s about it for this topic, which has gotten rather far afield of the Mattole Valley. At least 100 of his identified sites are in his own township block, 3 South, Range 1 East, though he says he is not himself familiar with all of them.

Once upon a time the world sent emissaries of these men to the sleepy little ranching town of Petrolia; as luck would have it, our oil was just a bit too stubborn to come out in any lasting quantities. Patrick’s Catholic Church, by Margot Wells; Rosa Wright Johnson’s diary of covered wagon journey, 1859; preliminary list of historic homes in lower Mattole. His knowledge of the places comes from his own personal history, roaming the hills on ranching or surveying duties, or merely exploring the woods and rangeland, and from anecdotes he heard long ago.

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