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Some have set up effective online ministries that expose the theological errors of Seventh-day Adventism. We believe truth can stand the test of investigation and we should never be afraid of the facts.These websites have not gone unnoticed, and some have been the subject of legal action: From: Dale Ratzlaff Sent: Friday, October 27, 2006 PM To: Dale Ratzlaff Subject: SDA Legal Action against former SDA websites Friends of LAM Publications, LLC The SDA church is doing everything it can in its power, including using legal means, to keep SDA members from finding out the full story of Adventist teachings. These sites have hundreds of pages of factual material that should be considered by all Seventh-day Adventists, transitioning Adventists and former Adventists.Some factions within the SDA Church continue to deny key Christian doctrines.Others have become more evangelical in their beliefs.They have a deep love for the Lord and a deep desire to share the good news of the New Covenant. As people make decisions, it is important that they have all the facts, not just those endorsed by the official SDA system.Please keep their ministry in prayer and pray for those searching for truth that God will open their hearts and bring them to the joy of knowing Him.

The Caribbean Association of Adventists in Alberta (CAAA) is delighted to invite you to our 40th anniversary celebration August 30 - September 2, 2019, at Foothills Camp.

Thank you for visiting the Alberta Conference of Seventh-day Adventists website.

We are the administrative body for 85 Adventist congregations (serving over 12,000 members), 10 elementary schools, a bookstore, and a camp in Alberta, Canada. The NAD Summit on Abuse will equip you to make a difference.

I confirmed this with the Calvary Community Office this morning. They are concerned that people are getting information they would rather keep secret.

I would ask that you pray for all of us on the front lines: LAM, Inc. Because of this, the SDA denomination has been actively pursuing legal means to get the alternative sites shut down.

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