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Similar to Missile Command if you were alive in the 1980's, which I doubt most of you were but y...; Cleopatra is a brilliant Egyptian leader who is revered for her unrivaled beauty and charming wit.

She loves to dress up in gorgeous golden outfits so that she looks stylish while giving orders.

The Obedience score is capped by the level: you will have to change the girl’s level to be able to rise the Obedience score higher than this cap.

Changing Obedience level: When the Obedience score reach its limit, the concerned girl cannot gain any Obedience point until she changes level.

Achieve the unsurpassed s...; Welcome Commander The time of the iron war is here.

You have to supply the troops and people with weapons and fuel. Take command of one of three different kinds of sailing ships and try to make it all...; A slightly different type of defense game. Build and upgrade probes to protect your main ship while asteroids and objects fly your way.

tills certain patches of land; adds 20K money; adds a silo, a coop, and a barn; adds shears, milk pail, and full stacks of items 472, 473, 322, 388, and 390; upgrades all four tools to iridium level.

Each one of these skills loses 1 point each day, so the protagonist must continuously train to keep them at level or even raise them higher.

is his aptitude to read and understand complex texts, to use a computer, to speak foreign languages and to have successful results at school.

But making bad choices during discussion or imposing her some commands they don’t like can also reduce their Affection score. You cannot raise Affection higher than 160 without dating the girl.

At Affection 120, a girl trust the protagonist enough to give him her home’s key.

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