Sarnia dating

THE DIRTY ARMY: Samantha Maynard of Wallaceburg is a dirty side pig that likes to TRY and break up marriages . For real girl -you been married twice – you’d think one of your ex husbands would have wanted to fix that jagged ass tooth protruding from your face.

She actively pursues married men and doesn’t care that they’re married . If you ever lose your temp job at CF you could always chisel ice sculptures with your tooth or become a professional can opener .

i have a puppy name jordan and what else could i say well not too much its up to you to find out the rest :) i am 18 years old and have alot of different hair colours, currently it is cocain white, i like to have a good time and party my ass off.

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Police were notified and were going to arrest him for hold luring but they couldn’t because the child didn’t actually agree to meet him. He still works at the church that he finds kids through watch out!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Deb is a bitter, miserable, and hateful human.

Deb had her kid taken away after people saw the living conditions of her sh1tty apartment. She just spreads hate through her broken laptop because she’s miserable and hates herself.

Kerry you are a disgusting person stop ruining lives you nasty piece of rotten trash.

im a tattoo maniac lol i now live in sarnia but im moving to hawkesbury soon but im originaly from montreal so im french...i love music go out watch movies play pool pretty much everything that entertaint!

he’s so mental that he talks to friken pigeons, he’s a lonely slore and he is rude.. cute as fuk THE DIRTY ARMY: This little piece of trash will fuk your husband and leave them for dead.

She fuks anything that walks and likes the young guys as long as they give her pepsi. She fuked my husband and then fuked another guy in the same night.

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