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pic.twitter.com/tw FYdd PAs D Ok Cupid is an actual data set.They, alongside other dating sites, have been tracking metrics.Before we go ahead and cheerlead for the glorious future that interracial dating has, hold up.A closer look at Time.com's article about the study shows this:"Lewis couldn’t tell how extensive the contacts were — whether these people had just exchanged pleasantries or had actually gone on dates or made it to the aisle.Even so, their numbers generally do match what one New York dating service (whose name escapes me) found: that black men avoid dating black women and that American women avoid Asian men, particularly Asian Indian men.But, unlike Ok Cupid, the owner of that dating service asked his customers why: black men told him they do not need a dating service to meet black women while American women said they do not want to date foreign men – which apparently they had stereotyped Asian men as being (the perpetual foreigner stereotype). I did not read them all, but most of the ones I saw kept making the point that having certain preferences is not the same as being racist.Now, do I subscribe to the ideology that Asian men are the ONLY men for me? Black women and our neglect, in and outside of dating, is a hell of a topical issue.

It's not that fetishization doesn't happen offline, or that all interracial interactions on Ok Cupid are automatically based on it.

While I've certainly never been called a "spic" on Ok Cupid, I did once get into a fight with a user who messaged me with objections to my bisexual status: "Didn't God make Adam and Eve?

"Eventually, after a couple of ignorant Ok Cupid messages about my sexuality, I ended up making two Ok Cupid profiles to avoid these encounters — one for men, one for women.

Know how we always read the report that says “a new study finds.” Well this ain’t that. It’s why @blackplanet became the wave in the early millennium. Here’s the thing though...matching is only the start.

Here’s some hard data: pic.twitter.com/S4Sema8mkx Look at the data for black women. “The most disrespected woman in America, is the black woman. pic.twitter.com/7e71sp Cny S #Issa Rae is all about spectrum. 🤗 Here are two more charts that folks seemed to be zooming in on: Whoa! Replying and initiating conversation is the next step. pic.twitter.com/RI1Obe Mnmo Black men are in the red too, when it comes to replies! Look who responds to them more often—black women and Native American women.

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