Powerpoint date and time not updating

Select the one you like best to use in your presentation.In this example, we’ll use the third option from the bottom, which shows the hour, minute, and second on a 24-hour clock.Once you’re there, you’ll find a large gallery of different clocks to choose from, ranging from analog to digital, and even antique. Once you find one, click the “HTML Tag Code” link found above the clock. Highlight and copy everything from through .swf, as shown in the image below.

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It’s mostly handy if you want to keep an eye on the time.

We’ll be using a clock downloaded from Flash-Clocks in this example, but feel free to browse around and find a website you like, as the basic premise for making this work is the same.

Head over to the Flash-Clocks website and make sure to have Adobe Flash Player enabled. Browse through the large gallery of available clocks and find one you like.

It’s probably best used when you want to keep your audience’s eyes on the presentation.

To use Power Point’s built-in function, go ahead and open the Power Point presentation we will be working with and head over to the “Insert” tab.

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