Pattinson and stewart dating 2016

Some gossip sites speculated that her appearance at the charity event was part of an image rebuilding process in the wake of her cheating scandal over the summer.Other sites made much ado about her jetting to New York without boyfriend Robert Pattinson.Kristen Stewart stepped into a new realm as a charity fundraiser at the 12-12-12 Sandy Relief Concert last night in Madison Square Garden.

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Well, the outlet did not cite their source, and it seems that they have fabricated the truth with mere speculations.“Then again, Jersey strong is not something measured in numbers,” she added.Although she looked fairly collected while she made her statement she flubbed in a couple of spots, including getting Jon Bon Jovi’s name wrong.She may have seemed like an odd choice for the role, given she was born and raised in California.But she was also in New York for an “On The Road” screening.

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