Parents intimidating teachers

He took the audio to the Cherry Hill School District, where officials fired one of the teachers involved after hearing the tape.

With the rise of hyper-protective parenting, teachers today face overwhelming scrutiny, enormous pressure and even downright bullying from well-intentioned but often misguided parents.

The evidence was secured when Chaifetz wired his son before sending him to school.

When he listened to the audio recording, according to one news report, "Chaifetz says he caught his son's teachers gossiping, talking about alcohol and violently yelling at students.

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Some key questions that you might like to consider include: Regardless of if you think bullying behaviours are occurring, if there appears to be an issue with how your child and their teacher are relating an informal approach to the assistant principal, year level co-coordinator or student wellbeing coordinator is a good start.

Respectful classroom relationships are usually modelled by teachers, who set the tone for the behaviours within their classrooms.

However, if your child is concerned that they may be the subject of bullying behaviours from their teacher, you should always pursue this further as you would with any concern about bullying.

If they disliked teachers or had a bad experience in the classroom as a child, this may well contribute to their posture and tone dealing with you as a teacher-figure.

My encouragement to teachers is this: try to listen though and not to the parents you are dealing with.

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