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Looking down at the list I have created today, I should really rename it to the 20 best bloggers ever, as these guys have set such high standards for all of us.

If you would like to take the first steps to starting your own blog and following in the footsteps of these top bloggers, then check out my free guide to creating your first successful blog.

He found his talent in riling up gossip and controversies about Hollywood figures and is one of the most infamous bloggers in the United States.

There are actually two sides to it since he is hated by many Hollywood stars but is loved by millions of web patrons.

Mario’s Blog Perez Hilton Why He Started Blogging: Mario has always loved intrigue and who better to showcase this than celebrities so his blogs started all about celebrity gossip.

After graduation from New York University in 2000, Mario attempted to be an actor, but he end up working as a very well earned blogger because he thinks setting up a website like this “seems easy” unlike being an actor.

Where He Is Now: He has now signed a seven-figure book deal about the things that made him as successful as he is in creating opportunities for himself via his video blog.It includes everything from brainstorming a name, all the way to getting traffic to your site.Tucker’s Blog Tuckermax Why He Started Blogging: Tucker Max was blogging about his drunken, womanizing exploits before the phrase “blogging” even existed.Where He Is Now: Collis is now one of the top earning bloggers in the world with over a dozen high traffic blogs, collis has been able to quickly launch new blogs because of such a rapid and loyal readership.Collis is able to work from anywhere in the world while he travels with his wife on new and exciting web projects because of the success of his blogging career.

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