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Methods All of the antineoplastic agents and biologic agents were prepared in the BBC outpatient care center area, which uses a Class 2, Type A2 biological safety cabinet with an ISO Class 5 environment.

Personnel trained in the CCC compounding area observe current USP rules and regulations for preparation and handling of HDs in anticipation of the July 2018 enactment.

Although the researchers found a cost savings for just 6 agents, the sum of these 6 was enough to offset the cost of using Equashield to be compliant with USP Despite several CSTDs being FDA-approved for extended BUD, The Joint Commission (TJC) and the USP do not universally recognize the extended BUD results from published studies.

TJC states that in order to take advantage of prolonged BUD, each facility must conduct, at a minimum, its own sterility testing for each agent not simply use data from other studies.

There were 32 vials per study group, for a total of 288 vials.

The vials were incubated for 14 days, after which none that had been accessed using Equashield had microbial growth.

With FDA approval to extend the microbial stability of the drugs by 7 days, there are theoretical cost savings available to organizations that use CSTDs with this change in practice.

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Bronson Battle Creek (BBC) is a community hospital with an integrated comprehensive cancer center.

The infusion area of the BBC Cancer Care Center (CCC) has its own dedicated chemotherapy compounding area that is fully compliant with the current USP regulations for mixing HDs; it compounds nearly 300 HD preparations per month.

All positive controls demonstrated growth within 48 hours of inoculation and all negative controls showed no growth for the duration of the study.

This study concluded that Equashield can maintain the sterility of single-use vials in ISO Class 5 environments and conditions poorer than ISO 5.

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