Mobile chatting with mom and sex stories

Once I heard the first of Mom’s moans I hit the staircase and set up my recorder. Ashley was the name of my little sister, barely 13 at the time though I knew from experience how grown up her body was. do it if you want.” “I’ll rub my dick in her pussy and I’ll kiss her a lot.” “You wanna shoot your cum in her?They were on the couch in a 69 position but sideways. My parents were talking about having sex with my sister. I barely had time to process before Mom continued on. Then you could pull it out and spray it on her tits. ” “Mmn hhmnn.” “You wanna cum in her pussy and see if she likes that? ” “You wanna cum inside of her while I’m lickin’ that pussy? ” That was the loudest groan from dad yet, clearly he was on board with this idea. Thirty-year old accountant, Sarah has known for many years that her needs are exceptional. More than 6 000 000 of porn videos sorted by categories. Wife was previously married and sexully repressed, a very horny young woman who married way too young and was in a less than satisfying relationship until she divorced and with in a short time met me...Something about being a teenage boy made what most would consider disgusting an amazing turn on.It was especially easy as they would fuck in our living room instead of their bedroom which has a partially covered staircase leading into it.

In my pants my boner throbbed, in desperate need of release that I was in no state to try and give. ” “Uh huh.” “You can fuck Ashley’s cunt and shoot it deep inside her.” Mom ground her pussy up into Dad’s face. ” “You lickin while watching me fuck her.” “Uh huh! I shot my load into my boxers and Dad did his onto Mom’s face.

I watched, mesmerized as her head bobbed up and down.

The shock of what was happening, what I was listening to, made me forget all about masturbating.

Fortunately Mom was facing my way giving me a great sight of her tits and bush. “Mmn, yeah, you’d like that.” Mom said seductively, then, after a short pause. Shoot it down her throat.” Dad gave another positive grunt as he buried his face into Mom’s pussy again. “Get your dick deep inside of it…” Another momentary pause, then. Then I’ll have her cum for you…” Mom trailed off for a moment as Dad ate her out, making her lose her focus on talking.

She stroked my Dad’s cock and licked it’s swollen head as he ate her out. “You could cum on her tits after she cums on your cock.” Dad gave a positive moan as mom stroked him. Having other lovers was one of their more common sex themes. She barely missed a beat as she stroked his hard rod. She leaned forward and took his cock into her mouth.

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