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His acting is powerful that it affects you, his joy and pain becomes yours. As the first Korean tv drama series I've watched, it will be very hard for me to find one that tops this. I never knew Korean movies were this good, especially with Jo jin- moo as the lead actor, that is a big plus! Never did I realise I will discover another amazing actor JJM. Not sure why he has such a terrible rating on here but he definitely gets 100 on my books. He didn't get any cosmetic surgery unlike maaaany actors, singers and so on, he's naturally handsome, I have nothing against surgery and people who have one or two or more, but you know it's always a delight to know someone is naturally good looking . Keep up the good work x0x0x I believe I can't ask for more from this man.

I will never forget his Wang Yoo role because that is when I became a fan of him and never looked back since then. Sweet, delicate and sensitive nature with great unique talent. Every piece of art with him is time full of emotions,time worth to repeat again and again. His character, Wang Yu, really develops as the plot thickens. Needless to say, he is is such a hot guy with a hot body Joo Jin Mo is just a treasure. He is such a private person and he shuns social media. Anyway, I wish he finds the love of his dream soon. Specially loved you in FROZEN FLOWER movie, he putted his soul in it and was so real. Keep FIGHTING ^_^ Joo Jin mo is one of a kind from his looks (Purely Handsome , Extremely Hot , soo sooo Charming :$) to his acting...everything is just Perfect and special.. I APPLAUD YOU Joo Jinmo you are a Top NOTCH A- Class Actor .. i`m emotionally , deeply , insanely , madly involved with u Mr Joo Jin Mo ; i mean come on How could a man has all the cuteness , sexiness , hottness , charisma & charm!! u're with mo doubt an amazing , great , terrific actor. Korea industry must be lucky & proud to have such a rare-Gym ... Super handsome with a perfect body , He has unbelievable magnetism and charisma once he is on screen , He's a total perfection on his drama roles , he indeed stole my heart !!

It did not only entertain but gives the viewers lots of values epsecially youre role, the Empress, the Emperor as well as Tal Tal's role.

I love the values which shows humility, love of the country, not being greedy for power, fame and money.

I have read comments from overseas viewers (out of Korea) from time to time regarding why Joo Jin Mo has not become well known in Asia in terms of his outstanding acting skills,charisma, and handsome look. Hi, I normally dont comment like this, but youre performance along wtih the other main characters and almost everybody in Empress Ki gave justice to the drama series.

He was generous and magnanimous in victory and even more graceful and humble in his failures.

He was everything a ruler should be, Wang Yu was a born leader.

YOU did a good job in Empress Ki as well as in Punch tv series.. Continue to be a blessing to your family,to everyone most specially for all the people who loves you.

I LOVE YOUJoo Jin Mo.on fighting :) I am writing from Canada.

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