Mandating health initiatives

Back in April, Palumbo and La Valle said the newly approved New York State budget included 0,000 in funding to provide mental health services on both the North and South Forks — with the two coalitions that have been formed to provide mental health services across the Forks each receiving 5,000 in state support.

New York State Senator Ken La Valle spearheaded the grant effort along with all local lawmakers in an effort to support the needs of students in local schools, he said.

Surveys of school communities taken last September revealed strong support for mental health services.

"Nine out of 10 New Yorkers think public schools should provide mental health services for students who do not have access to such services," according to a poll taken by Phi Delta Kappa International last year, the release said.

SOUTHOLD, NY — With teen drug use and suicide an escalating concern on the North Fork and entire East End, funding has been secured to help bolster a youth mental health initiative during the current school year.

With mental health issues a critical issue for teens, and the North Fork traditionally under-serviced, Southold Town has taken proactive steps to protect young people: Beginning in September, after a full year of planning and coordination, and a 5,000 grant to local school communities earmarked in the state's budget, the North Fork Mental Health Initiative kicked off in September in conjunction with the start of the new school year.

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