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The station is again in a great location geographically in relation to the heart of what Innsbruck has to offer.

We didn’t have time to experience the incredibly modern Hungerburg Funicular, which I have heard is a pretty cool experience taking you deep into the mountains to experience the awesome Alps skiing resorts.

The first thing we noticed even on a pretty frigid day, was the amount of people out and about either shopping or exploring Innsbruck’s impressive landmarks.

In the heart of downtown Innsbruck is the towering Triumphal Arch or ‘Triumphpforte’ as it is referred to locally.

Much of Innsbruck’s activity takes place just a short walk from the Triumphal Arch along Maria Theresien Strasse.

This is the main street that houses many leading brands from around the world along with some local establishments and of course dining options that I am sure will satisfy your tastebuds.

Arriving back at the hotel at 11PM, we certainly maximized our 17 hour day but what about everything in between? Essentially we spent time in Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria though the majority of our time was spent in the latter.

Regardless of where you are staying in Switzerland, if you decide to take a trip to the small municipality of Liechtenstein, the route is pretty simple.

Our train arrived and we embarked on the journey that was just over 2 hours.Dating back to its construction in 1765, this grand design was initially built to commemorate the marriage of the Duke of Tuscany and Princess Maria Ludovica from Spain.Empress Maria Theresia of Austria was the force behind developing the Arch, and if you look closely at the top, you will notice a picture of the Empress overlooking the city of Innsbruck.We developed a pretty optimistic route to take in three countries in one day, hence the title of this post – from Zurich to Innsbruck (and everything in between! I hope this post gives you a little insight into what can be accomplished if you plan your itinerary effectively.While exploring Europe using the awesome Eurail experience (I will continue to reiterate our opinion that there is NO better way to travel around Europe than by using the awesome rail infrastructure that is in place), our base was in the heart of Switzerland for several days.

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