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They were more concerned with Storkey's interests than his past relationships. Nate Dern, who appeared on Season 3 of the CW series, told UCB Comedy it was a "crazy experience" because contestants weren't allowed to "talk to [their' friends," "look at the internet," or "read a newspaper." "I've never been to prison, but it might be a little bit like that," Dern said.

In an interview with , Season 3 contestant Niels Hoven claimed cast members were sequestered in a hotel with very little outside interaction the week before filming.

They find themselves liking these men for who they are, helping them penetrate the social boundaries that have hindered them for years.

The Australian version comes out a little cleaner and more polished, whereas the US version is more rough around the edges.

Unfortunately, they were effectively forbidden after the series, at least until it aired on TV.

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Their minor romance was completely transformed in the edit room.

Yes, the geeks are probably coached not to shave or cut their hair for weeks before the filming, all to encourage the greatest physical transformation at their makeovers, but the point is well taken - the better you look, the more confidence it can give. I think the girls grow as well during their time with the geeks.

After spending so much of their youth in social circles containing male wolves and jocks, it is probably a breath of fresh air to be around men that are gentle, sensitive, and genuinely appreciative of womanly company.

"I get there, and it's very clear that any magic or chemistry that had been between us was completely gone," he told claimed that they didn't care about their geeks' sexual history, but that doesn't mean the show was without its virgins.

Though one v-card didn't last long on set, producers somehow spared the audience the excruciating experience of watching a grown man awkwardly lose it on camera.

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