Is alicia key dating

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I saw Carl Thomas at Primal in Atlanta hugging and kissing an incredibly beautiful woman, I thought was Alicia Keys at first, if this answers your question on is Carl Thomas dating?

On October 19, 2007 he launched a contest called "Share the Studio", presented by Music Video 2.0 and The Source magazine.

The contest was intended to be a continuation of the work from his debut album.

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Dean was named the first "Producer in Residence" at New York University, for the 2010–11 academic year.I tried to look up if he was dating Alicia Keys, but couldn't find anything.The woman Carl Thomas was with looked much taller than Alicia Keys though, so I bet she's a model.He spent much of his childhood raised by his mother in the North East Bronx, where he first encountered hip hop.After obtaining the necessary equipment from his stepfather and uncles, he began deejaying as a teenager and enjoyed a modicum of success.

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