Intimidating team sayings

Orange Power is a chant the fans in Stillwater love to use during the game.

It has grown so popular here that there are websites dedicated to it and also T-shirts that have been made detailing Orange Power.

While team names like “the Redskin” or “Fightin’ Chick” could sound either racist or derogatory.

What about going for some funny team names, it also has its own effect on the game, the team as well as the spectators.

You write one after another, trying not to repeat yourself, thinking that what you write is supposed to be “tailored” to that employee.

Eventually, your mind goes blank, your eyes glaze over, and you can’t think of anything else to say.

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The Caddies To choose a name that would best fit your team, Cyou must first consider the image you want to project and be sure the name is creative, or quirky.101.

But in all, the motive is the most important element of any action.

The name you choose as a team tells much about what the team means in general and specifically to the supporters.

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