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We are here to help usher in this new trend of authenticity.Simple, real solutions will help people smile more and stress less.

That means knowing who you are and feeling comfortable in your skin will be more critical than ever. Not as many How many are still getting educated into their thirties? For the first time, there are more In a saturated age of dating sites, the look of ‘having it all together’ is phasing out.

e Harmony says: ‘Ridley Scott’s featured a beautiful hologram girlfriend who was eerily human.

But we don’t have to look to the future for these innovations.

She has the ability to send texts, chat and control lighting and appliances inside the home.

‘Meanwhile, technology is already available which could see you beamed live on to a first date, in real-size dimensions.’ ‘Alexa, help me feel less alone.’ e Harmony say: ‘Voice search will account for 50% of all online searches by 2020 according to Com Score data.

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