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Experts don’t know if the Starwood attack was connected to those other episodes.But Starwood’s data has not popped up on the so-called dark web, according to Recorded Future, a cybersecurity firm, and Coalition, a cyber insurance provider, which suggested that the hotel attackers weren’t looking to sell what they took.“Usually when stolen data doesn’t appear, it’s a state actor collecting it for intelligence purposes,” said James A.

The Starwood attack happened roughly the same time as a number of other breaches at American health insurers and government agencies, including the United States Office of Personnel Management, in what security research firms and government officials described as an effort to compile a vast database of personal information on potential espionage targets.

Once injected in a mouse model, the new hydrogel is shown to induce migration of naturally occurring stem cells to better promote bone healing.

Greater resolution, sharper images, and more efficient diagnostic processes – this is the promise of an endoscopy capsule developed by Fraunhofer IZM to allow more detailed small intestine diagnostics.

In a study led by Harvard University's Kevin Kit Parker, microfluidics and human, insulin-producing beta cells have been integrated in an "Islet-on-a-Chip".

The new device makes it easier for scientists to screen insulin-producing cells before transplanting them into a patient, test insulin-stimulating compounds, and study the fundamental biology of diabetes.

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