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If you or someone with whom you are close is facing criminal prosecution, don’t leave the outcome to chance.At Weiner Law Group, we fight for a finding of innocence every step of the way.Prosecutors promised to try the brothers again for first-degree murder.

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Other courts, however, find this approach to be coercive in nature, and the judges in these venues will take care to instruct the jurors not to feel pressured into changing their opinions.Such defendants will always face the chance of going to trial a second trial on the original charges.Through the concept of double jeopardy, the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution prevents the law from retrying a defendant more than once for the same offense after a panel of jurors has either acquitted or convicted him.Call now to discuss your case and see what our criminal defense attorneys can do for you.The Menendez murder case ended Friday without a single verdict as a second jury was declared deadlocked, the jurors hopelessly polarized over whether Lyle and Erik Menendez were coldblooded killers or long-suffering victims of abuse within their family’s gated Beverly Hills estate. Weisberg declared a mistrial in the Lyle Menendez case Friday afternoon, ending the six-month trial.

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