How much does money matter in dating Telugu free male to male sex chat

I'd rather date someone who makes k a year but spends k than someone who makes 0k but spends 5k by using credit cards.

It's also important that they not see me as a meal ticket just because I have a good income.

It's important that they make enough that they're not depending entirely on me, unless I'm ever exceedingly wealthy, in which case whatever they can do something else that doesn't pay wages.

My boyfriend is already pretty senior in his field and makes almost double my entry-level salary, so I don't think I'll ever "pay everything equal" with him.On the other hand, someone who has no issue splurging on lavish dinners and dresses might not find their dream date in someone who will argue over a 50 cent coupon. It’s been called being a Boss Bitch or Miss Independent — whatever term guys have used for it, the fact is that a woman who can stand on her own two feet is sexy to smart men.If you’re both financially independent, you don’t have to worry about ulterior motives.It is very important to me that they can pay everything equal to me as well as put some money towards future goals/savings.I don't want to take care of anyone nor have them take care of me.

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