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They will help you find out about Haitian music concerts, party scenes and festivals.Haitian Beatz offers a wealth of material related to the Haitian community.Every aspect of the website came fresh from the mind of the owner, who is also of Haitian descent.He's goal was to present the Haitian singles community with up to date dating features, which some of the most expensive dating website do not have.Unlike many international dating sites, Haitian Dating online is not as popular, which makes love finding difficult for Haitian singles.Haitians complain that they too need to find love not just socially but also using Haitian dating Sites as an alternate option.Having experienced close personal losses, I truly believe you just have to get at life.” [Read Bio Here] These seven websites represent a positive view on Haitian culture, lifestyle and history.

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Self-described as hub for young, upwardly mobile, Haitian-Americans, Kreyolicious is a site for discussions of literature, music, issues that affect the community, and everything in between.

These sites cater to the population at large, but more so to the English speaker. L’union Suite ( Created in 2011 as a daily, […] If a man’s home is a reflection of his personality, then San-Souci Palace personifies King Henri Christophe.

Its vastness was made for nothing less than a king, although two hundred years after its construction it is now basically a ruin of walls stretching up four levels high.

This website covers the finer details about Haiti, especially the nation’s history and culture.

You will leave this site with a clearer understanding of Haiti, past and present.

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