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then take and fuck your panty ass-pussy, pumping it like there's no tomorrow and cumming hard all over that ass, backside or face. Most definitely like to photograph you in your sexy outfits. Love a sexy ass in a thong/t-back (can't emphasize that enough) and stockings! When I said nothing, he softly asked, "Do you want to stop? Like to have a finger inserted in you while you work my cock in your mouth so i can feel you clenching while stretching you out. Jamie took his hand off my neck and started stroking my hair. " I came up for air and looked up into his soft brown eyes. I reread it to the part where it said, "Here's what I like ...", followed by a somewhat androgynous woman's body in lacy panties. A bit later, I felt my jeans being yanked further down. " "What I said I wanted to do, in my email to you." He started applying pressure on my hole. " He stopped pushing, but kept his finger resting on my hole. He flicked the lighter, and I sucked in a huge lungful of smoke. That must have been the right answer, since he groaned and grabbed my head and started facefucking and fingerfucking me in rhythm. "Yeah," I grunted as his finger slid deep inside me. Jamie yanked my jeans off, then climbed between my legs, nudging them a bit apart. I averted my lips because of where that tongue had been, so he kissed my neck instead and rubbed his cockhead up and down against my hole. Ooooh ..." To my surprise, I started cumming without him touching my cock at all. Jamie must have read my thoughts, or my expression. I came up gasping for air, and Jamie stroked my hair some more and gazed at me with what might have been a loving look in his eyes. I leaned back down and resumed my cocksucking and ball kneading. " I slowly put my lips on the pipe, looking up into his mischievous dark eyes. He started sliding it in, a millimeter at a time, while I exhaled the smoke and embraced the high and took his cock in my mouth, slowly sliding it into my mouth in time with his descending finger, until his finger bottomed deep inside my ass just before his cock did deep inside my mouth, his black pubic hair scratchy against my lips and nose. Not being sure which he meant, I clenched both my lips and my assring. Oh wow," I said, as his finger hit my prostate, causing me to shudder with pleasure. Her." "Lay back." I stared, not sure I could go there, but his eyes were so sexy and full of lust for me, so I leaned back and put my head on the armrest.The personal ad I wrote while stoned and horny: I'm looking for someone with a bit of a kinky streak. Here's what I like: (attached picture from the waist down of what I like -- a woman with a booty wearing black lacy panties) *** I posted the ad, not expecting much -- this site was a sausagefest, perhaps ten men for every woman. I finished the bowl I was smoking, then checked email. We can look at porn together, stuff like that blowjob pic that turned you on so much." "What? Holding the smoke in his lungs, he handed the pipe to me, a sweet funky dankness in the air from the smoke curling up from the bowl. She started not quite deepthroating the large black cock with each of his forward thrusts, her head bobbing to meet the incoming shaft. When you're not imagining taking it, that is." "How? "Do it." We jacked each other and watched the porn clip a while. Jamie tapped a button and the video resumed playing, the girl expertly sucking and licking the cockhead, in high definition. He fired it up with a lighter labeled "Dank" in green letters and inhaled deeply. I moused along the time bar til I got the matching scene, and let er rip. Hey, would you like it to feel more like her mouth on your johnson?

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