Framemaker table of contents not updating

However, the text in your document is still all body text.

Therefore, you will need to apply some paragraph tags to create headings.

Are you stuck trying to create additional contents pages for the tables and figures in your document? We’ve already learned how to apply headings styles and create an automatic table of contents.

But what if you’ve got figures and/or tables and you want to show those in the contents pages, too?

A table of contents can be generated from either a single document or a book.

The document or book from which the table of contents is generated is called the source document.

For this tutorial, the source document has already been created for you.

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Select “Toggle field codes” This displays our page code:3. We need to make the first line identical to the second line, like so (remove the absolute path and convert it in to a relative link): Now we can save our file as a PDF and the issue should be resolved.1. If the issue isn’t solved, try saving and closing your document, then reopen it to publish your PDF file.2.

Each entry comes from a heading within your document, whether that’s a report, a white paper, a dissertation, or something else.

We can use the Styles pane in MS Word’s Home tab to “tag” each heading: Tip: When you update a table of contents in Word, choose “Update page numbers only” if your headings have moved (because you’ve added or deleted content) but their wording hasn’t changed.

Before I dive into our solution, an obvious question that I think warrants some sort of explanation is why anyone would want to create TOC headings out of text boxes in the first place.

Answers are going to vary, but more often than not, this is for design purposes.

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