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When walking around this city, you hardly believe that prostitution is illegal in Thailand as the businesses promote it openly…All in all, Bangkok has a massive market of girls that are ready to sell their goods.

It’s hard to find a better sex destination then Bangkok not only in Asia but in the world.

Not only there are three dedicated red light districts, but you can find girls online that are hot for action in any part of the city.

You have students, office workers, shop assistants, waiters who prostitute themselves part-time to supplement their income.

Here are 10 things that you're bound to deal with as you broaden your horizons together. Let's jump right in and discuss one of the biggest disasters that can happen while traveling: illness, especially of the food-borne variety.

Combine new cuisines with jetlag and you'll very likely get a stomach flu wreaking havoc on one (or both! Sharing a toilet isn't exactly the picture of romance, but taking care of each other can be very sweet. Maybe you have to go back to the hotel because you forgot your passport, or perhaps your train got bumped for another few hours and you're stuck in a grim station without any Wi-Fi.

There are universities and work opportunities that attract young and cute girls from the provinces…I still remember the first time I visited Bangkok.

I went out clubbing and hook up with a young spinner, very outgoing and naughty (back then there wasn’t dating sites or apps where to meet girls like nowadays). And after two hours I was back in my hotel room having fun with her.

You’ll find girls from different parts of Thailand.If you can find a way to keep a cool head—or laugh at your "we're going to miss our flight!!! Your Taking your first trip with your dude is undoubtedly one of the biggest relationship milestones you can experience.Your wanderlust is guaranteed to skyrocket as the warm weather winds down, so it's the perfect time to strike out together as a team and figure out if you've got what it takes to last.The city is safe, the nightlife is crazy and the girls are hot for action.If you can’t get laid in Bangkok, forget to get laid anywhere else in the world.

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