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Quit Set wb = Nothing: Set e App = Nothing 'Move the new shape if left/top provided If Not (Is Missing(shape Top)) Then With Copy Chart From Excel To PPT . Top = shape Top End With End If If Not (Is Missing(shape Width)) Then With Copy Chart From Excel To PPT . Now let us create simple scenario using the generic function for copying an Excel Chart to Power Point: Sub Test Auto Update() Dim shp As Shape, shp1 As Shape, shp Txt As Shape Dim chart Placeholder As Shape, time Shape As Shape, slide Number As Long 'Get placeholder shapes, hide Chart Placeholder slide Number = 1 Set chart Placeholder = Active Presentation. Height = shape Height End With End If Exit Function Error Handl: 'Make sure to close the workbook and Excel and return False On Error Resume Next If Not (e App Is Nothing) Then wb. Quit End If Set Copy Chart From Excel To PPT = Nothing End Function As you can see this is a generic function you can reuse to your own purpose regardless of the example usage below. Visible = mso False Set time Shape = Active Presentation. The purpose of this exercise is to avoid linking at all and make it entire flexible on your own preference when you want to update your Charts and even update the Excel files before doing so. Below is a step by step tutorial of how to setup the Charts and Macro: First we need to create a Power Point Next we need to create and name an Excel Chart. The software will update existing charts with new data that have been added to the worksheet.How the software finds the new data to add to the control chart is explained below along with how the control charts are updated.

This can be done in two ways: Under the DATA tab you can also click on the Connections button and then Properties and check the box for 'Refresh data when opening the file'.

This will be copy pasted as an Image to our Power Point to avoid linking and to assure the format is identical to how it is visualized in your Excel file.

#If VBA7 Then Public Declare Ptr Safe Sub Sleep Lib "kernel32" (By Val milliseconds As Long Ptr) 'MS Office 64 Bit #Else Public Declare Sub Sleep Lib "kernel32" (By Val milliseconds As Long) 'MS Office 32 Bit #End If Function Copy Chart From Excel To PPT(excel File Path As String, sheet Name As String, chart Name As String, dst Slide As Long, Optional shape Left As Long, Optional shape Top As Long, Optional shape Width As Long, Optional shape Height As Long) As Shape On Error Go To Error Handl 'Handle Errors 'Set Variables and Open Excel Dim e App As Excel.

Exit 'Delete the chart and make the Chart Placeholder visible again shp. Visible = mso True End Sub For me a way to animate Excel Charts in Power Point present a new pallete of options to further push the boundries of what we can do with Power Point.

When your data change, you can update open graphs, including control charts, so that the graphs display the changed data.

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